Uncertainty is part of our present. Through last months we have learned how important is to be ready and receptive for changes, these may go from new safety rules to finding great opportunities in your industry.

We decided to expand our horizons to adapt and innovate. Using new digital tools, we are looking to automate and improve our services while we keep our human touch on every step. Our full dedicated human-centred Customer Experience Department will always work hand-by-hand with you and your business.

Part of the result of this initiative is the acquisition of a new warehouse, located in one of the most important US commercial hubs: Doral, Florida. This step will allow us to serve more than 100.000 sqft, state of the art technology, 40 new doors and an strategic location to all our customers.

This will be a new year and a new beginning for all of us. Join our network.

IFS Neutral Maritime – Connecting the world.”