The pandemic has provided an opportunity for the ocean logistics industry to reassess and recalibrate! Here are some of the most permanent changes we expect to see, addressed moving forward:


  1. Ocean Carrier Digitalization – Digital Spot Booking Platforms, digital adoption is needed due to the impossibility of conducting traditional in-person businesses.
  2. Renewed commitment to decarbonization – In an effort to meet this goal, the Marine Environment Protection Committee met at the end of 2020 and committed on trying to help cut shipping carbon emissions by 40% – as compared to 2008 levels – by 2030.
  3. Shipping APIs for Ocean Carrier Integrations – ShipEngine APIs help businesses access deeply discounted rates across carriers, validate addresses, process and track shipments, and manage returns.
  4. Digitalization and Smart Tracking for Greater Transparency – Visibility in the logistics industry means that clients are aware of the location of their cargo at any time.


Quick adaptation and flexibility have been two saving graces as we all try to navigate through these uncertain waters. COVID-19 has caused irregular shifts in trends and cycles for most industries, freight included.



Tuesday, March 30, 2021