– Every minute, 16 million containers cross the sea on 5,000 ocean container ships.

– The cranes that are responsible for moving the containers are between 30 and 50 meters high. They move about forty containers in an hour.

– The engine of a container ship has 1000 times more power than that of a tourism ship. The largest ships can carry more than 11,000 containers. If they were placed in line, they would occupy 71 kilometers.

– It is proven, maritime transport is more respectful of the environment than road trucks or airplanes.

– The most expensive container ship in the world cost 120 million dollars.

– 85% of the imports that arrive in Spain do so by sea. Through the sea, 60% of the product is exported.

– The port of Shanghai is the busiest in the world.

– When a container has transported food, it can no longer be used for another type of product. The same for those who have transported chemicals.