As a general rule, LTL freight shipments are the most suitable option when:

  • Weight is less than 6,800 Kgs or 15,000 pounds *
  • The shipment does not occupy more than 10 pallets
  • Goods are not particularly sensitive to the surrounding environment
  • The goods are not sensitive to the passage of time

Note: keep in mind that they are general guidelines. Each LTL transportation provider may determine its weight and pallet limits. When in doubt, always check with your LTL carrier.

If your cargo does not meet the above criteria, you may need to consider an FTL freight shipment option.

LTL freight shipments are generally cheaper, so they can also be an excellent option for shippers looking for a way to reduce or streamline their logistics costs.

* If it is a shipment of fewer than 68 Kgs, consider the option of sending a parcel shipment.