We present some of the advantages of using maritime freight transport: 

– Storage capacity on ships: One of the advantages of maritime freight transport is the high volume of products that fit inside the ships compared to other means such as the plane, the train, or the truck. 


– Cheaper freight: It is the most economical means of transport for the long-distance transfer of goods. It must be said that there may be additional costs (such as fuel). The relationship between cost and cargo volume is excellent and makes international shipping the most beneficial option. 


– Scope and safety in deliveries: due to the wide expanse of water on the planet, maritime transport has an almost total scope, since the goods can reach any continent within the previously established deadlines. It is one of the safest and most effective means in terms of punctuality in deliveries in ports or places of destination. 


– Variety of vessels: Any kind of cargo can be adapted to the capacity of the vessels. The maritime transport of goods is the most adaptable means of transporting products of any size and characteristics, even to perform ADR (dangerous goods) services. 


– Stability on the journeys: The maritime transfer of products can take place even on days when the weather is bad. However, this in air transport is not possible.