The Port of Shanghai posted a new record container volume of 43.5 million TEU in 2020, retaining the title of the world’s busiest container port for the eleventh year in a row. The volume of 43.5 million TEUs in 2020 represents a small increase in the total container through the Port of Shanghai in 2019 of 43.3 million TEUs. 

Despite the continued Covid-19 outbreak and unstable international trade, the Port of Shanghai maintained a strong performance last year. In July and October 2020, the port reported a container handling volume of 3.9 million TEU and 4.2 million TEU, representing a monthly high; The Yangshan port area reached an all-time high and posted container throughput of 20 million TEU last year. 

Container volume for international cargo transshipment at the port of Shanghai exceeded 5.3 million TEU last year, an increase of 14% year-on-year.